Amazon Price Tracking

Any Amazon obsessed readers out there?  I love their free super saving shipping and the points  I earn with my Amazon Visa… it could be said I’m a little too Amazon happy?

Anyway, here’s a fun tip for any other Amazon fans out there.  Instead of storing 30 or 40 (no exageration) items in your cart, to keep an eye on price changes, check out a site like this one.  You give it the Amazon page info and your email address, and you’ll be emailed when the price changes.  Nice & simple.  If you google Amazon price tracking you’ll see there are some other sites out there too.

Why bother tracking prices?  It can be amazing the fluctuation in prices items have on Amazon.   There is no rhyme or reason (that I know of) to how or why the prices change, but if you keep an eye on items you want to buy you’ll often see substantial price variation.  Sometimes the price swings in the direction you want, and sometimes you’re left wishing you’d already hit buy… !

Lastly? A quick *plug*, if you don’t mind, for our site! If you shop Amazon, please consider going through our sidebar to bring up the page (the shop Amazon box in the right hand corner). It helps support our site as we are an affiliate with Amazon. Thanks!

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