How I got a Chi Flat Iron for $9! (and more)

If you straighten your hair regularly then you have likely heard of Chi Flat Irons.  They are one of the top of the line straighteners out there and I love them! However, they can typically cost upwards of $100.  Two Christmases ago my MIL bought me a Chi but we then saw the exact same one at Costco for cheaper ($75) so we returned the original right away and purchased a new one at Costco near the end of January of last year.

I had been using it ever since until I started packing for my trip last week.  I went to straighten my hair and the Chi would not work when plugged in.  It was as if the wires at come loose and I had to hold the cord a certain way to get any power to it.  I was pretty bummed since a new Chi was hardly in the budget for us but when I got back from my trip I decided to try and return it to Costco.  I realized that I had owned it for just over a year so they may not take it back but I also know that their return policy rocks so I though I would give it a shot anyway and see what happens.  Plus, I felt that $75 is an awful lot of money to spend on something to have it stop working after just over a year of use.

When I went to customer service they pulled up my MIL’s account and found the date it was purchased and the price she paid.  The representative asked me  what was wrong with it and I explained how it was no longer working.  And just like that she handed me $75 in cash.  Wahoo!

I then went home and started looking for Chis on Amazon.  I found one that was super cute and pink for just $53 plus about $6 in shipping. I had a $50 Amazon gift card that I had earned from Swagbucks so I paid just $9 out of pocket for this new beauty!  And guess what?  I still had the $75 in cash (so $66 left) from returning my other one to Costco.  Coincidentally, our printer has been dying a slow death for the last couple of months and as it was about to breath its last breath yesterday (maybe it had printed too many coupons in its day?) we decided to spend my remaining cash on a new one.  Costco has a $110 printer on sale for $65 so my husband ran over last night to collect our new toy.   Yay for  us!

So for $8 (because I had $1 left) I got a printer and a brand new Chi!  I realize that the $50 Amazon gift card went into play with this deal but since I had done almost no work to get it (this is why I love Swagbucks!), I count it as a complete bonus!

Moral of the story?  It never hurts to ask if a store will take an item back if you don’t feel that you got your full value out of it!

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